Couscous is the main staple food of Maghreb’s in Northern Africa. Couscous is formed by rounding the steamed semolina and drying it. ZIAF Couscous is the real homemade couscous produced in Morocco.



Packaging Available for the Product:

Pack weight: 1 kg
Pack in box: 12
Boxes in pallet: 80
Shelf life: 2 years
Serving size: 60 kg

Type of Meals the Product can be used in:

Soups Pilafs
Meals with meat Salads
Meatballs Desserts
Vegetarian meals

Nutrition Facts

Calories 913 kJ / 215 kcal
Fat 1.5 g
-Saturated Fat 0,3 g
Carbohydrate 44,8 g
-Sugar 0,8 g
Fiber 2,3 g
Protein 7,5 g
Salt 0,2 g

Nutrition facts are calculated on 60g dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults

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